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We’ve Won


So, stop acting like the victim. Sure, we’ve got a long way to go, but is it finally “cool” to be a nerd?

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Nerd culture has taken some drastic steps in recent years. Some of this is evident through evolution in the media with reality shows such as, King of the Nerds. King of the Nerds awards one contestant a shocking $100,000 prize for being the “King of the Nerds.” A title which tests intellect, ingenuity, skills and pop culture prowess through challenges that range from live gaming to a dance-off to life-sized chess.

In addition, shows like The Big Bang Theory, which feature nerd culture, has reached chart-topping audiences with numbers in the millions. The show stars brilliant physicists, Leonard and Sheldon, who can be seen frequently making trips to the comic book store and engaging in various role playing games with their friends Raj and Howard. Thus, exposing viewers to comic, gaming, and scientific ideals which may have otherwise been unreachable or unknown.

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With the help of these media portrayals, sites like Geek and Sundry have been developed to create an online fan base. What is Geek and Sundry? “An internet community centered around web videos with shows about comics, games, books, hobbies and more.” Or, more specifically part of the tagline: “Your daily dose of Geekiness”

So, how has this all changed, and what were we before? Traditionally, a “nerd” was referred to as someone whose interests were not shared by the majority of the population. But what happens when multiple people share common interests?

So, when I stumbled across Pete Warden’s Blog and his post “Why Nerd Culture Must Die” on freshly pressed, I was alarmed. According to Warden:

“We’re still behaving like the rebel alliance, but now we’re the Empire. We got where we are by ignoring outsiders and believing in ourselves even when nobody else would.”

The future is here, and we must protect it.


4 thoughts on “We’ve Won

  1. “..”when I stumbled across Pete Warden’s Blog and his post “Why Nerd Culture Must Die” on freshly pressed, I was alarmed. ”

    What alarms you about what Pete wrote?

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    • The thing that most alarmed me was the truth. I think a lot of us, (myself included) still think of “nerd culture” as something that is scarce. However, when I begin to think about it…I realized that we are a much larger group than otherwise thought of.
      Pete alarmed me because he brought something to light than none of us realized.


  2. Haha I agree! Now, people are trying to be as nerdy as possible. What is this?
    I’m interested about what you said about the Big Bang Theory. It’s one of my favorite shows and I’ve never really picked up on any of the mental health stigmas. Maybe you could do a segment on this for your blog?
    Yaya Han is annoying, but she has some amazing cosplays! haha


  3. I absolutely hate Big Bang Theory because of the mental health stigmas and stereotypes it enforces into the public’s minds (not to mention the bad acting), but King of the Nerds was actually entertaining! Giant D20 and human chess? YES. I also liked that cosplay show except for Yaya Han and her hypocritical rants and drama. But these shows are a start to something, I hope. Now if only people will stop trying to out-nerd each other…

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