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Site and Energy Migration

Hello to all who have read and continue to read my content! It has been a while since I posted on here. Although I endlessly enjoyed blogging, one of the reasons I stopped blogging was because I found it increasingly difficult to develop new and interesting content. And while my old content is still viable, it’s not new.

I decided to keep this site up for archival purposes; however, I’m migrating my energy into blogging about a different topic. A topic I consider to be an even larger part of my life than video games: Magic the Gathering.

I’d like to invite you to check out my new blog and toss a follow.


My Must Plays!

Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on my actual blog. I’ve been busy, and now it’s time to discover what I’ve been busy doing, playing games (of course!).

I discovered that I’ve been spend a lot of my time with what I like to call “infinite” games. These games include Diablo 3 and League of Legends. For example, I could play these games for an infinite amount of time and still not be done.

I have a made a list of “finite” games that I need to play! Check it out 🙂 I welcome any and all kinds of feedback!

Must play (I own them and I need to play them):

  1. BioShock Infinite
  2. Left 4 Dead 2
  3. Murdered Soul Suspect

Want to play (I want to play these games but they’re not on the top of my list):

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  2. Life is Strange

Must Finish (I have started these games, but not finished):

  1. BioShock
  2. Rise of the Tomb Raider

To Buy (Must buy these games!):

  1. Mass Effect 1-3
  2. Darksouls 1-3
  3. AR-K


World of Warcraft Legion Announced and is Confusing to Many

Yesterday, the popular MMO franchise, World of Warcraft, has announced their 6th expansion. Although the release date has not officially been announced, it trails the release of the current expansion, Warlords of Draenor, by less than a year. Warlords of Draenor was released on December 14, 2014. Prior to this, there has been over 2 years time between expansions.

Warlords of Draenor was supposed to solve the lack of subscription issue that happened during Mists of Pandaria. Mists, just wasn’t what the people wanted to see. However, for me, Mists of Pandaria showed me more of what I wanted to see in comparison to the current Warlords of Draenor. WoD was the first expansion since Wrath of the Lich King to allow players to advance 10 levels instead of 5.

WoD came with a variety of features including paid character level boosts, WoW tokens, new zones, garrisons, and updated artwork for all races. World of Warcraft was convinced that this would be the expansion that would be everyone back, making each part more and more like “vanilla” WoW. During WoD, players were even able to participate in “Timewalking Dungeons” which would allow them to complete old content amidst getting gear that would be useful to their character at max level.

According to users on YouTube, Warcraft did not provide everything they promised for WoD, and they are remaining hopeful for Burning Legion. Nixxiom Machinima writes:

“I want to be excited.  I wanted to be excited!  I’ve been waiting for the Demon Hunter class since Vanilla and now it’s here!  Still…  Blizzard, you really under delivered with WoD and all the features you said you’d put in, but didn’t.  This doesn’t mean you can’t redeem yourselves though in the eyes of many.  Work hard and good luck!  I have faith.”

For me, after leveling from 90-100, I am burnt out and don’t know if I can manage to make it to 100-110. However, I am willing to take the risk for the promise of new max level content. A lot of people play WoW for different reasons, but for me, I do not like questing and would take it out of the game completely if I had the chance. I am wishing the best for Burning Legion, however I hope Blizzard can delay the release long enough to feel like I had adequate time to play through WoD.

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“Camwhores” – The Double Standard for Women Streamers

Check out my latest post on Nerdy But Flirty! 🙂

Nerdy But Flirty


We’re girls, and we’re pretty. I’d even like to say that we all like our boobs as much as you do, so stop judging us for it. A new generation of “camwhores” is upon us, and causing more uproar than ever. “Camwhores” are defined as girls who stream, often times using Twitch, and use their bodies as a way to get donations. It’s already tough enough to be a woman in a predominately male field, but these girls are also the target of a lot of misogynistic backlash. It’s a frequent topic of discussion on many streams run by women.

This whole topic had me interested, so I began to browse female League of Legends streamers, and I came across Raihnbowkidz with a stream entitled “My Boobs are the Only Reason you’re Here.” As I began to watch, I saw a user comment saying, “Because you make money while on cam, does that make you a…

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Yoshi’s Woolly World Review

My Nintendo News

With fluffy wool and yarn balls at the ready, Yoshi returns for a fully fledged, naturally adorable and truly magical outing on the Wii U. Nintendo’s struck gold once again with another must-have title for the home console, knitting together a platformer paradise suitable for all.

From the developer of Kirby’s Epic Yarn and published by Nintendo, Yoshi’s Woolly World features cute-as-a-button gameplay with six worlds of effortlessly gorgeous and diverse levels to satiate players of all skill levels. Stretching across eight levels per world, players are tasked with piecing together Craft Island’s inhabitants after Kamek launched his dastardly plan, turning all the Yoshis into several wool pieces. Having scattered their threaded remains across each world, Green and Red Yoshi are the only two survivors and, as such, are tasked with the perilous journey to gather all the Wonder Wools and sew their dinosaur friends back to life.

yoshis_woolly_world_craft_island Craft Island:…

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Zoe Quinn to Star in a Documentary about the Development of Indie Games

Creative Commons License:

Game developer Zoe Quinn has suffered from a long chain of harassment in her field of video game development. Among the harassment is the hashtag “Quinnspiracy,” which refers to the online controversy and backlash surrounding Quinn’s alleged affair with a number of men working in the video game industry. GameLoading: Rise of the Indies is a feature documentary exploring the world of indie game developers – their craft, their games, their dreams, and how they have forever changed the landscape of games culture. The documentary will star Quinn, who has developed the game “Depression Quest.” Although the quality of the documentary has been questioned, this is a strong step to exposing the world to a new side of Gamergate and how the criticism is always operating invisibly.

According to Quinn, she developed “Depression Quest” because of the online misconception that “men will solve your problems for you, if you have sex with them.” In addition to this, Quinn suffered direct backlash against her own depression. People on Twitter would say that “you have no right to complain about depression, because you get paid to make video games.”

However, as a star in the documentary, people are saying the Quinn doesn’t necessarily deserve the attention she is receiving for “Depression Quest,” and that it wasn’t necessarily a notable game. One user even says that “By my third year in college I had made more full games as student projects than Zoe Quinn. She’s notable for getting death threats on the internet, which is something that happens to every game developer.”

GameLoading, the documentary, attempts to capture this pivotal point in history, where video games have become more personal than ever before. Hopefully this will change how people are viewing Indie developers, including Zoe Quinn. The documentary is available for $8.99 on a variety of platforms including Steam and ITunes.

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ESO Free Weekend

Several years ago, gamers and lovers of the Elder Scrolls series were thrilled to discover the release of their new game: Elder Scrolls Online. The Elder Scrolls was now a widely popular massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), much like World of Warcraft. However, many players were disheartened when they found out the ESO would be closely following another aspect of World of Warcraft: subscription. The game would cost $14.99 a month.

For the first time, players could now experience all of Tamriel but only if you wanted to pay monthly. That is all about to change. While paying monthly will allow players access to exclusive content, the generic game will be free. There will be a one-time fee of $59.99 in order to own the game forever. To learn more about the subscription-free ESO, click here.

But before you pay the one-time fee of $59.99, ESO is offering a free weekend to returning beta testers. In addition, returning players are being offered a 25% off coupon to spend in the ESO PC/MAC store. This coupon can also be applied to the purchase of the game, itself. The offer code comes with 500 crowns which can be used to purchase in-game pets, mounts, and costumes.

So if you were as disappointed as me when you found out that ESO would require a subscription, here is your chance to play without one and perhaps purchase the game at a discounted price. ESO will also go live, subscription less, for console June 9, 2015.

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World of Warcraft Giving Players What They Want

World of Warcraft is the monopoly of all MMORPGs, spanning a remarkable 10 years and five expansions. However as the game has progressed, the release of new content has made the old content moot. Commonly referred to as “vanilla” WoW, the original players of World of Warcraft have been asking to be able to play the old content again. World of Warcraft has finally answered their plea.

“In Patch 6.2, we’re introducing seven different weekend events that will run from noon Friday through noon Monday every week,” writes Blizzard. “Two of those events will be Timewalking weekends, in which you’ll be able to queue up for a randomly selected old-school dungeon with a new sort of “heroic” difficulty.”